CozyTapes Vol.4

It’s Monday and I’m back with the final edition of the CozyTapes Vol. *imagines crowd of people booing*. Honestly speaking though, winter clothes aren’t for me, and I also didn’t feel to bruk my pocket – because the real me will wear spring/summer clothes all year round! I’m sure that’s something you’ve already sussed out from the cropped clothes during 2℃ conditions, and this outfit lol!

So, I am back with the trusted thigh-high boots but in khaki. I don’t think I have to explain my love for these boots, and the fact that they are actually thigh-high even on my long legs (5’8”). If you haven’t already figured I am Wendy Williams in spirit – all legs no torso. Which means these boots were a blessing by the almighty.

I teamed these boosts with this knitted cowl neck dress. Once again, because I’m all legs, I managed to turn a dress into what almost looks like a top, but the thigh-high’s balance out the ratio of skin on show, so we good. When I Initially thought of this outfit I didn’t think to throw a jacket over it, until I went to take pictures in it… so as a result I added a fur coat to channel my inner Joan the Scammer.

If you’re looking for a more edgy look you could definitely throw either an oversized denim jacket over the fit or team it nicely with a biker style leather jacket. If the weather where you’re at allows you to rock this without a jacket, then I suggest you take that opportunity and go and spin a few heads sis!




Dress – Grey Knitted Cowl Neck Dress – Miss Selfridge (£39)

Jacket – Brown Faux Fur Jacket – Warehouse (£96) – not the identical one as it has been discontinued but definitely similar

Shoes – Thigh-High Khaki Boots – Public Desire  (£44.99) currently on sale for £20


Karen x



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