DAMN. Near Militant

If you have me on snapchat (QueeenKazz), you’ll know that I went to Kendrick Lamar’s #DAMNTour on Friday night. There are not enough words in this life to describe how good it was. It definitely was a damn tour for sure.

Nonetheless, I had to show out for the occasion, because I’m me lol. Once again If you have me on snapchat or even Instagram you would’ve already seen this outfit, but, as always – I got hella questions about the fit.

No. These pants are not from Missguided, PrettyLittleThing or ASOS. When I saw how much they were retailing for I really didn’t think it was worth all those pounds. Especially because when things tend to be trending or are up and coming – they’re prices reflect that. Have you ever bought something for an extortionate price and a few weeks later see it on sale? That’s what I think will happen to all these camo cargo style pants. So why not get it for cheap from the get-go you know?

eBay is where it’s at right now, and also where I found these pants for like £20 less than anywhere else. Although there are things to consider, such as the fact that the waist is not elasticated on these pants, so if you’re not about wearing belts than you might wish to reconsider this purchase. They also run one size smaller, so I bought a UK Size 10 instead of an 8, but overall the fit is near enough perfect.

When I wear loud trousers, I try and keep everything else quite simple, so I opted for a black bustier with a black leather jacket and some black boots lol. The little orange backpack really pulled the look together. This is definitely a guide to lazy styling when working with fancy pants, making sure to keep everything else simple and monotone. ‘Cause in the words of Kendrick, if I gotta slap someone I’mma make it look sexy.



Top – Black Bustier – Primark (£8)

Jacket – Black Leather Jacket – Matalan (£30)


Trousers – Orange Camo Cargo Pants – eBay (£15.99)


Shoes – Black Sock Boot – Simmi Shoe (£40)


Bag – Miniature Orange Backpack – New Look (£15.99)



Karen x



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