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I know I mentioned in a previous makeup post about doing a foundation edit – which I still plan on doing btw! However, as you can imagine, in order for me to come with the REAL, I wanna make sure to have tried, re-tried and tested all my foundations before I give you guys the tea you know?! There will be a mixture of old and current faves so just wait for it okurrrrrr.

For the time being, enjoy this sexy, sultry, tryna get the side jigga to pay the bills upfront for the entire year kinda look.

Product Breakdown;

  • NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil – Shade 604 Milk
  • Morphe Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palette – Shade 35O
  • Morphe Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palette – Shade 35N
  • W7 Colour Me Nude, Natural Nudes Palette
  • Miss Sporty Fabulous Lash Mascara – Shade 001 Xtra Black
  • HERHairUK Mink Fake Eyelashes – Style SNOB101

A – Usually I scream about using an eyeshadow base to help the colours stick and show up better, especially on people of colour. However, since we’re working with darker colours today that step is not entirely necessary, but, I did it – so you do it (if you want lol).

B – Start with a transition colour, because we can’t afford to look crazy when working with darker colours. Use a muted brown colour above the crease of the eyelid for this (1). Then go over it with a reddish-brown colour to create dimension (2), and also add a dark brown colour to the crease of the lid (3). Use a dark purple colour for the outer crease of your eyes (I mixed these 2 colours together to give me the perfect shade) (4). This lid colour is difficult to explain but it’s like a deep sparkly purple that I used for the entire lid (5). For the eye boogers, I used this iridescent unicorn colour in the 35N palette (6). Feel free to add some white liner in the water line, and then use the same purple mix (4) for under your eyes. Of course, finish of with mascara on both top and bottom lashes (and of course falsies).

I hate smokey eyes – on myself anyway. I always feel like my eyes are far too big to be doing a sexy smokey eye, so I tend to keep my eyeshadow looks very innocent and light. However, with it being a new year or whatever, and I’m also getting too old to be afraid of doing a sexy eye look, why not ey?

Here is the vain part of me adding pictures of myself looking cute though lol! I’ve tried to add pictures in different lighting and camera situations, just so you can get an idea of what this look could potentially look like on yourself

Love ya,

Karen x

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