My name is Karen Asamoah (ah-sah-mua), and I like Clothes. A lot. They’re kind of necessary nowadays. Not just because of the obvious, but that’s how a lot of us choose to express ourselves right? Alongside other means such as Makeup, Hair and Food (which are also other interests of mine). My story is pretty long and I’m sure the more acquainted we get, the more you’ll get to know of it. However, after partaking in Miss Ghana UK 2017 and winning the title of Miss Personality (yeah, I actually won something), I thought what better time than now.

So, after at least a years’ worth of procrastination and sheer laziness I introduce you to… me! A 19-year-old university student who likes to look the part, and before you lose your rag I know what you’re thinking! ‘Another insta girl trying to make it’ or ‘it’s not every day jump the bandwagon’. However, I promise you that this will be different, trust me. I’ve always had an eye for the latest styles and trends until I realised that my Uni budget does not agree with ALL the finer things in life. So, what’s my point you may ask? Look the part without falling apart financially (duh!). Simple. Everyone seems to be obsessed with this thing called ‘Image Gang’ and all things branded, but you really don’t need to be Gucci’d down to look the part (although it would be nice!).

I plan to turn all my mumbled and jumbled ideas into one huge Channel of Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle. It will involve everything. Okay, mainly Fashion – and maybe not every damn thing! But I plan to show you where my heart lies because, ‘it’s about heart and passion. It’s about who wants it more’ – Cyndi Valentin, and I definitely do.

Karen x